The author’s entertaining novel examines the love of family, the beauty and joy of cats (both domesticated and feral), and the power of helping others. The psychic cats romp throughout the story with their tales (and tails) of adventure. The mystery of cats is delightfully written about by an author who obviously understands them. The mystical and psychic components are nicely woven throughout the story. It is a whimsical mystery, sad and funny, and a delightful read. It is a perfect beach mystery for anyone who loves animals, especially cats, and those who want to learn about the brilliance of animal nature. Even dog lovers will enjoy this novel.

Olivia Paw printCarol Anderson, US Review of Books
Love, Love, Love this book (Oh! Olivia). Looking forward to more in the series.
Olivia Paw printMiki


I love this author! Bringing in new characters through the Klepto Cat mysteries is a perfect setup for this new series. Parker and her cat, Olivia, are an awesome pair and this first book has me wanting so much more. I can see these two series continuing for a very long time. Thank you!

Olivia Paw Print smallAnne

I can’t praise this new series enough! Fantastic!

Olivia Paw printKindle Customer

Oh Olivia after reading a few pages I get the title Oh Olivia.   I have a dog and I/we are always saying Oh Lola. 

Olivia is quite the cat. A bit quirky for a Cat.  But her wit and charm shines.   Olivia deserves to be the feline lead.

I really liked the plot.  The bodies being found by feral cats was indeed a great touch.

Sometimes reading a Cozy is good but a lot of the plots have just been done over and over with minor twists to make it new.

Not with author Patricia Fry.

Oh Olivia was a page turner.

The characters are easy to like and the plot moves along at a quick pace.

And then getting to the cliff hanger at the end had me surprised!

And that is the sign of a well written book when the reader can’t wait for the next one.

I received a Complimentary copy.

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads.

Olivia Paw Print smallMy Reading Journeys

I just finished “Olivia’s Meow Moment” and thoroughly enjoyed her adventures. I could not put the book down with all the heartwarming moments. Looking forward to Olivia’s next exciting adventures.

Happy Reader